6-in-1 Card Reader

Driver Installation
How to use memory cards
Technical Data

1.Introduction Top

The CardReader, also referred to as a flash memory drive, is an internal USB(2.0) 6-in-1 drive which can be used for reading and writing from a wide variety of memory cards. It supports the most common flash memories including:-

  • CompactFlash Card (models I and II)
  • IBM Microdrive
  • SmartMedia Card (3.3 V)
  • SecureDigital (SD) Card
  • MultiMedia Card (MMC)
  • Memory Stick.
2.Features Top
  • Four slots for insertion of Compact Flash Card (model I and II), IBM Microdrive, SmartMedia Card (3.3 V), SecureDigital Card, MultiMedia Card and Memory Stick
  • Operational readiness and access LEDs
  • Operating systems supported: Windows 98SE / 2000 / Me / XP
  • USB compatibility (USB1.1, USB2.0)
  • Data transfer possible between different flash memory cards or to the PC at the same time.
Note! Do not remove any memory medium when the ACCESS LED is lit as this may cause data loss and the memory medium may be irreversibly damaged!
3.Driver installation Top
 This product does not require a driver for Windows XP as it uses the driver integrated in Windows.

4.Information on using the memory cards Top
  • Memory Stick and SD cards are inserted into the relevant slot with the contacts facing downwards.
  • The SmartMedia Card is inserted into the SM slot with the contacts facing upwards.
  • When using CompactFlash and Microdrive cards, please ensure that these are inserted into the appropriate slot with the contact side facing forwards and the model label facing upwards.

    Note! Do not use force as it should be possible to insert and remove the memory cards easily in the right direction in the designated slot.
5.Technical data Top
  • Flash memory cards supported:
    1. CF socket model I, model II and IBM Microdrive
    2. SM socket for SM card (3.3 V)
    3. SD/MMC socket for SD and MMC cards
    4. Memory Stick socket for Memory Stick

  • Interface: USB 2.0
6.Graphic Top