LCD Image Persistence

What is LCD Image Persistence?
Image persistence on LCD's is generally accepted to be caused by the continuous display of static graphics on the screen for extended periods of time. The static image causes the LCD crystals to remember their location in order to generate the colours of a given image. When a different colour is then displayed in that location, the colour will not be displayed correctly and may show a faint image of the "picture" that was previously displayed.

Can Image Persistence be prevented?
LCD image persistence can be prevented by:-

1. Using windows power management settings to turn off the screen after a few minutes of screen idle time
2. Using a rotating / moving screensaver
3. Rotating the background images/wallpaper on the desktop
4. Turning off the monitor when not in use
What can I do if my LCD monitor is suffering from image persistence?
If your LCD is suffering from image persistence try the following:-

1. Turn off your monitor for extended periods of time, you may need to do this for several hours or even several days.
2. Use a screen saver with a rotating image and run it for extended periods of time. The rotating colour palette should help remove the persistent image but it could take a long time
3. Run the screen with a single solid colour or bright white background for an extended period of time, this will cause all of the crystals to be reset at a single colour setting and should erase any previous image persistence.