Amilo Frequently Asked Questions


Amilo Li2727 ---- How do I turn my WLAN on and off

The WLAN on the AMILO Li 2727 will always switch off when the system is powered down.

To turn it ON you must press the Fn+F1 keys together.


Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007
- activating the 60 days trial version -

"My office does not work and I've entered the product key (that’s the windows Vista one)…………." or " Windows is asking for a product code"

Here is the link to a .PDF describing the process

"Your FTS device has been installed with a 60 days Microsoft Office 2007 trial. In order to use the Office Trial you must first activate it.
The software can only be activated via an internet connection; activation by phone is not possible.
Please follow the instructions, to activate the Microsoft Office 2007 trial. Double Click the "Microsoft Office - 60 Day Trial” icon on the desktop.


Hard Disk Based Recovery - from October 2007

With the latest Amilo Systems - upon running the system for the first time, you will be advised to make necessary backup/recovery disks.
You will be prompted to provide 3 DVD-Rs;
The system will do a full back up of all files that came with the notebook. It is best to do this before proceeding with installing your own
The 1st DVD has only about 141MB of data stored on it , ( The WindowsRE loading environment ) ,the DVD auto-ejects after about a minute,
the 2nd DVD had about 4.7GB written and the 3rd had about 1.3GB of data stored on it. ( The data )

29. I cannot configure my microphone on my Windows Vista notebook
If your notebook has Realtek High Definition Audio, please see the attached document for help configuring the microphone on your Windows Vista Notebook
28. WLAN and Bluetooth Windows Vista™Configuration Guide
Please download this configuration guide if you need help setting up your WLAN and/or Bluetooth on your Windows Vista™ installed Notebook.
27. Problems doing a domain log-in using WLAN on Amilo / Amilo Pro.
On Amilo / Amilo Pro that do not have a manual WLAN on/off switch or the ability to turn WLAN on/off in the BIOS, it is not possible to do domain log-in via WLAN. The Odyssey Client software supplied with your Notebook does not support this feature. However, some WLAN client software (eg, the full Odyssey Client ) includes the GINA client logon software to allow domain log-in via WLAN.

It is possible that you can use Windows scheduler to switch on WLAN earlier. This is not a confirmed fix it is simply a workaround that may / may not work. The details on how you may be able to do this can be found here
26. How can I turn on the WLAN on my Amilo ProV2030
The right hand application button turns Wireless LAN on/off. The application buttons themselves do not require any drivers or software to work, they are pre-configured. Left button = email, middle = internet, right = WLAN.
25. Blue Screen and system reboots when using Vodafone Mobile Connect Card
Customer is trying to use Vodafone Mobile Connect Card (GPRS) on an Amilo D 8830. When card is inserted, the system will Blue Screen and then reboot. There appears to be problem with this card which is being investigated.
24. How to handle Amilo Pro V2000 WLAN with BIOS S0X

The design of the AMILO Pro V2000 is such that with BIOS S0X it only has a SOFTWARE activated WLAN switch. BIOS S0Y allows the WLAN to be active from POST.
The physical switch ( top left) is only available after the User has logged on to his local machine; the OS is running and the wbutton.exe program loaded.

If the Operating system has been reloaded , the "Launch Manager" appliocation is required for the switch to work. Launch Manager is found on the Driver and Utility CD under Drivers /Amilo Pro V2000/ then scroll down to software and Hotfixes..

There are 2 published "solutions".
1) Use System Loader to start program - WLAN module activates 2-3 seconds after the log on screen appears.
2) Create a service that the OS loaded runs - preferred method- . This will allow MS domain log-on.

The FTS Odyssey client can manage the WLAN connections manually, for Automatic and gina involvment the FULL client needs to be purchased from FUNK Software - agent Network Utilities (Systems) Ltd ----

The full client can create custom install packages for new machines, can lock down certain SSID's for users so that they can only use ones specified, can lock down certain types of authentication type (PEAP, TLS). You can also set Odyssey up to log onto the network at different times (before/after windows logon/before desktop).

23. The Backslash / Pipe key between the Alt and the space bar is not working- Amilo Pro V1000

It is possible that the keyboard controller on the mainboard is not generating the correct code for the Operating system to translate.
A small tool is available to correct this.


The Battery of my Amilo D1840 shows as 100% full in the Operating system but when I remove the mains cable the machine dies.

A BIOS upgrade exists to resolve this issue. The battery is actually very flat.

A BIOS CD can be obtained from Fujitsu Technology Solutions Helpdesk V1.05c or download and create BIOS.iso in Zipped file

- Remove the battery
- Flash to BIOS 1.05c with the CD.
- Shut down.
- Insert the batttery - After a short time the charging led will begin to flash green
- When the OS is restarted you'lll find the charge indication of the battery will have changed from 100% to empty, 1%, 2%,.......... loading


My Amilo has problems reading Optical disks , some media appears to be empty.

If the supplied firware level of the QSI SDW-041 Optical drive is DU03, then an upgrade to DU05 may resolve the issue.____readme_1st

The current firmware level can be found using /Accessories/System Tools/System Information /Components/CD-ROM/ PNP Device ID
The original string should show as : IDE/CDROM/QSI-SDW-041_______________________DU03


My Amilo is out of Warranty and doing it again !!

Many early Amilo notebooks are now outside their warranty period.

We can advise that any repairs effected by our warranty centres are guaranteed for ninety days .

Outside of our warranty period, you are at liberty to have diagnostics and repairs done by an agency of your choosing- many high street computer stores offer excellent services, and engineers advertise their services in such places as the Yellow Pages. You are not obliged to have our repairers work on your computer, nor to accept their quote for your business.


My Amilo D shuts down for no reason

The Amilo D is fitted with an Intel Desktop CPU. Its heat disapation is by Heatpipe and uses a fan to move coller air through the chassis.
it is possible that a computer will turn itself off if it gets too hot: this is an act of self preservation, as the CPU can be damaged by excessive heat. The cause of the over-heating can be many fold- the position of the machine in use( direct sunlight, over radiator), the ambient environmental temperature, the fan being blocked if the computer is not placed on a well ventilated hard surface, and so on. These problems can happen to any portable computer, regardless of manufacturer, and we take deliberate steps during the design process to minimise their effect on our product.

Once the CPU has returned to an acceptable temperature, the computer is ready for use again. If it had not turned itself off and cooled down, the computer would be damaged. Please ensure that none of the above environmental issues are affecting your computer before you pursue a repair option.


I only get a Black and white Picture on the TV?

Experience has shown that most TV issues are caused by the cabling used. A notebook will not supply power to any cable that has electronics or components attached.

S- Video - RCA connector( Cinch) .(yellow)..
.............. bandwidth 3MHz . y,u,v are not handled as seperate signals so gives a reduced sharpness and can suffer from cross talk.

S-Video ( S-VHS) ------ S-Video
Only 4 of the 7 pins are used. Two for the brightness (y, -- black and white) and 2 for the colour ( u,v, -- colour).
If the pairs are not correct only black and white pictures will be displayed.

The SCART -S-Video cable has some components at the SCART end. If the SCART doesn't have the S-Video soldered out you will only get a black and white picture. The SCART needs to be plugged into the TV SCART (S) socket.


Just after POST (when booting the computer) there is a loud beeping sound. Is it possible to turn this sound off?

No. No option is available to disable this or to adjust the loudness of this beep.

16. D x800 and X820 --- The Screen goes darker when I disconnect from the Mains

The system has two internal profiles. One for "on mains" and one for "on battery". It is normal to dim the screen to save power in battery mode..

The previously attached tool has been removed as it is no longer required for new models.
Existing systems should not experience the extreme changes the tool was designed to fix.

15. The MAC address of the LAN card is shown as 00-00-00-00-00-00

The system requires that the correct Driver - SIS Ver. ; dated: 2002.07.10 must be installed. This can be downloaded from http:/
Otherwise the physical MAC address will be shown incorrectly, you will only see 00-00-00-00-00-00.

14. The CPU Speed in the Control Panel of XP Home shows a very slow CPU

The Amilo A uses an AMD Athlon CPU. The advanced functions of this CPU change its performance to match demand. The CPU speed as shown under the General Tab of System in the Control Panel can show any value . I have seen from 661MHz to 1.70 reported for a 2400+ CPU.

Here is a tool that will stress the processor to give the full vlaue. STRESS TOOL

13. I have plugged a wheel mouse into the Amilo A and the wheel does not work!

The system has an ALPS Touchpad with scroll button.

This excludes the wheel function of the mouse

12. the STANDBY button is greyed out after I have recovered my Windows 2000 Operating systems.

For some reason the W2K recovery does not set up the laptop.

This problem is resolved by following the following routine..

11. Wrong characters are displayed when using my Amilo A keyboard

PadLk is probably on -- reset with Fn + CTRL + PadLk.. Upgrade to BIOS 1.03 or greater, PadLk function will be reset each reboot. Background

10. PS2 Mouse, connected via the Port Replicator, sometimes freezes after resuming from power state 'S3,' on an Amilo x800 running WIN XP.

This problem is resolved by updating to the latest BIOS, which you can download from the Fujitsu Technology Solutions software pool

9. My Amilo D P4 Modem only connects at slow speeds

This can be due to the quality of the line.The commands "+MS=V90,,,,44000,52000" or "+MS=K56" should be included to set connection standards.

New drivers for Ambit modem - New_Modemdriver_6.1.131.0

7. I am getting Amilo D x100/x500 poor DVD playback with Windows Me and WinDVD 3.1.
Please try these updated video drivers. (4.9MB, ZIP File).
This file can also be downloaded from http:\\
6. I have an Amilo Dx100/x500 and cannot find my Serial port or my Infra-red Port.
The Amilo D x100/x500 does not have these connections it does however come as standard with IEEE1394 (FireWire) and USB..
5. I have an Amilo Dx100/x500 and when I install an application that requires 32MB of Video memory and it says that my system does not meet this requirement.
The Amilo D does not have any dedicated Video memory, it shares the main system memory. The amount that is allocated can be configured in the BIOS under System Device Menu and set the VGA frame Buffer Size to 8, 16 or 32MB as required, For the best DVD Playback ensure that the VGA frame Buffer Size is set to 32MB.
4. I have an Amilo D x100/x500 and the DVD playback is poor.
The Amilo D x100/x500 does not have any dedicated Video memory, it shares the main system memory. The amount that is allocated can be configured in the BIOS under System Device Menu and set the VGA frame Buffer Size to 8, 16 or 32MB as required, For the best DVD Playback ensure that the VGA frame Buffer Size is set to 32MB.
3. When connecting my Amilo D x100/x500 to a TV the picture is Black and White.
Please check that the TV out is set to PAL. Connect to your TV then go to Display Properties, Settings, Advanced then S3 monitors. On the bottom half of the screen click TV Settings, this reveals a drop down menu, select PAL. We also recommend using a straight S-Video to S-Video cable where possible.
2. My Amilo D x100/x500 reports that it doesn't have all the memory it is supposed to.
The Amilo D does not have any dedicated Video memory, it shares the main system memory. As a result the memory used is not displayed when counting the system memory. The amount that is allocated can be configured in the BIOS under System Device Menu and set the VGA frame Buffer Size to 8, 16 or 32MB as required. For example if you have 128MB of RAM and allocated 32MB to be used as video RAM, then the system only shows 96MB of system memory.
1. I am having problems with the TV out on my Amilo M x100/x300/x500.
For TV Out to work the screen resolution must be set to 800 x 600. Then connect to the TV using a S-Video cable. Press [Fn] & [F11] keys simultaneously and the signal will be displayed on your TV.