LSI Logic 1068e

Creating an IM Volume (RAID 1 - Mirror)

Select  [RAID Properties]


Select [Create IM Volume]


Move the cursor to the RAID Disk column and use the Spacebar to toggle the [No] to [Yes] on the Primary disk.
If you want to preserve the data on this disk, then it is imperative you select the correct disk.

When you toggle the [ No ] to a  [ Yes ] the following warning box appears:

Select the appropriate keystroke (M to keep the data or D to start a fresh configuration)


If by chance / design you used a disk with existing data you will see the additional warning if you selected D.
If the disk was clean then you will not see this message.




You should now be able to select the second disk of your mirror without any messages.

Select  [ C ] to create the array.


Move the cursor down a line and Select  [ Save changes then exit this menu ]



You will see the message above for 10-15 seconds.





You will find yourself back at the main screen.

The array is now ready for use and you can install an Operating System.

However the disks are not fully synchronised at this point and you have a choice:

1. Install the O/S and the array will automatically synchronise in the background (providing slightly less disk performance until the task is complete)

2. Choose the option to synchronise now.

If you choose the second option., then simply do the following:

Select  [RAID Properties]



Select [ View Existing Array ]




Select  [ Manage Array ]




Select [ Synchronise Array  ] in the menu above.




And Confirm...

You should be able to watch the progress on the Manage Array Menu.