ESPRIMO Mobile V5515 / V5535 /V5555


"Option" 3G Connect

Specification Top

Datasheets: V5515, V5535 & V5555

  Esprimo Mobile V5515 / V5535 V5555  
  • Processor: (either or)

      Celeron M 520 (1.60 GHz) (V5515) and 530 (1.73 GHz) (V5535) 1MB slc 533MHz fsb

      Core Duo up to T2450 (V5515) and T2330 (V5535) 2Mb slc 533MHz fsb

      Core 2 Duo up toT5500 (V5515) and T5450 (V5535) 2MB slc 667MHz fsb

  • Main memory:
      Maximum 2 Gbyte DDR2-667 SDRAM
      2 slots for 512-Mbyte or 1-Gbyte modules
  • Display
      15.4" inch TFT XGA (1280 x 800) on SiS Mirage3+ graphics with up to 256MB shared RAMs

    Processors/ RAM /HDD /ODD /LCD same as V5535

    Different Mainboard

    Has different casings and UMTS option


    Common Specifications

    Options / Accessories
    256 MB, 512 MB 1GB 667MHz DDR2 SDRAM modules

    Additional primary battery long life S26361-F6120-L470 6 cell 5200MAh
    12 V adapter for cars and planes (only for recharging, not during operations)
    PC Cards, Cable Port Replicator,
    Carrying case; MEMORYBIRD **



    Graphics - Top

    BIOS (default Settings) Windows XP Home Top

    Phoenix 4.0 release 6.1

    <F12>: Boot Menu / <F2>: BIOS Setup

    Main Value Alternative Value
    System Time hh:mm:ss  
    System Date dd/mm/yyyy  
    Hard Disk Drive WDC etc setting - Auto
    CD-=ROM/DVD-ROM HL-DT etc setting - Auto


      Setting Alternative Value
    NumLock   Off On
    Serial ATA controller   Enabled Disabled
    IDE channel   Enabled Disabled
    LAN Controller   Enabled Disabled
    Wireless LAN Device   Enabled Disabled
    UMTS 3G Device   Enabled Disabled
    USB Host Controller   Enabled Disabled
    Legacy USB Support   Enabled Disabled
    UMA Video Memory size   128MB 64MB, 256MB
    Execute -Disable Bit capability   Yes No
    Boot time Diagnostic screen   Enabled Disabled


      Value Alternative Value
    Supervisor Password   Is clear
    User password   Is clear
    Set Supervisor Password   Enter
    Set User password   Enter
    Password on Boot:   Disabled Enabled


    Boot Device Priority    
    1:USB Floppy drive  
    2: CD-DVD  
    3: Hard Disk Drive  
    4: USB Storage device  
    5: Boot form LAN  


    BIOS Version V1.02-xxxxxxxx  
    BIOS Vendor Fujitsu Technology Solutions  
    BIOS Date 11/06/2007  
    Product name SPRIMO Mobile V5535  
    Serial number Yxxxnnnnnn  
    System memory 633 MB  
    Extended memory 783360 MB  
    CPU Type ntel ( R) Celeron (R) M CPU 530 @ 1.73GHz  
    CPU Speed 1.730 GHz