How To Enable Wireless At System Start on Amilo Pro V2000

These instructions were intended for the Amilo Pro V2000 but may be used with other models (NB: some BIOS settings options may differ for other models)


Switch on Computer and press F2 to enter BIOS

Move across to “Advanced” using the right arrow key.

Move down to “Default Wireless Device” using the down arrow key.  Press enter and Select “Enable” and press enter to confirm.

Press F10 to save changes and restart notebook.

Your computer is restarting.

When you get to the “Ctrl, Alt, Del” screen, logon as Administrator. ( or F8 into Safe Mode)

Go to “Start” - “All Programs” - “Accessories” - “System Tools” and click “Scheduled Tasks”

Double Click “Add Scheduled Task”

Then Press “Next”

Click “Browse..”

Locate Your “C:” Drive

Double Click “Program files”

Double Click “Launch Manager”

Double Click “WButton”

This takes you back to the wizard

Select “When My Computer Starts” from the list  -  Then press “next”

You will then be prompted for a user name.  Use “Administrator” and enter the password for your administrator account. (you must have an Admin password set)

Before you click “finish”, tick the “Open advanced properties box”

Click “Finish”

Tab across at the top to “Settings”.

Uncheck the box “Stop the task if it runs for”

Then uncheck “Don’t start task if running on batteries.

Then uncheck “Stop the task if battery mode begins”

Then click “OK”.

The Launch manager will now show.

Close all windows and restart.

When your system has restarted and you get to the Ctrl, Alt, Del logon prompt, wait 3 seconds and your wireless will be enabled. 

To check, watch for the orange WLAN LED to light up.

Your notebook is now set to turn wireless on at system start up.

gjb 8/2004