LifeBook C-Series Frequently Asked Questions

12. My C1020 is unstable, gives blue screen messages or freezes
  Update to the latest BIOS Version 1.23 or greater, downloadable from CD versions can be obtained from helpdesk .
11. How do I set up the IRDA under Windows XP
10. PS2 Mouse, connected via the Port Replicator, sometimes freezes after resuming from power state 'S3,' on a C1020 running WIN XP.
  This problem is resolved by updating to the latest BIOS (the issue was addressed in BIOS 1.16).
9. F7 does not work when using an external keyboard with a C1010 port replicator.
  The F7 and shift F7 functions do not work when using an external keyboard plugged into the port replicator of a C1010. This problem is resolved by updating to the latest BIOS (the issue was addressed in BIOS 1.23).
8. The fan on my C6xx7 keeps coming on and switching off?
  If you are using an older version please update to BIOS version 1.29. This is also available on
7. I am reinstalling Windows 98 on my Cxxxx LifeBook and I have a unknown device still listed?
  On some of the newer LifeBook there is a ACPI device that is not automatically found. If you have installed all devices such as Modem, Lan, Audio and Video Controller then it is probably this device. The driver can be located on the Drivers and Utilities CD supplied with the Unit. In sub-folder called PMSET. The location of this folder can vary depending on the version of CD you are using.
6. There are 4 buttons on the front of my Cxxxx Series LifeBook what are they for?
  These buttons are for the quicktouch application. This enables you to open windows applications at the touch of a button. To use them you must first install the quicktouch software
5. I'm trying to turn the power off on my LifeBook C Series but it only keeps going into Suspend. How do I turn the power off?

The LifeBook C Series use the same button for turning the power on and off and for Suspend and Resume. To Suspend your machine, hold the button down for a short time. If your machine is "hung" (on without responding to any keystrokes or mouse actions) and you want to power the machine down, you must first suspend the machine by holding the button down for about 5-6 seconds, letting up briefly, and holding the button down again for and additional 5-6 seconds. If the machine is "hung" and you want to restart the computer, you may press the "reset" button located on the back left side of the laptop.

Note: The machine will automatically switch the power off if you use the Windows Shutdown properly. To properly shutdown Windows, go to Start/Shutdown/Shutdown the Computer.

4. I am trying to re-install Windows 95 using my Utility CD on my LifeBook C332 LifeBook (article code KIC3431ZE112) but this code is not recognised.
If the you wish to recover the lifebook using the recovery CD ROM you will need to use the C332 standard article code to activate the recovery CD (KIC34315E112). You will have to re-install BT ClickFree and the Smart Modem drivers manually.
3. I am restoring Windows NT using Utility CD (SL00323UA) on my Cxxx5 and it does not recognise the code.
The setup does not recognise the 5th character A replace this with 4 and the setup will continue.
2. When I connect my Cxxxx Series Laptop to a Data Projector I can not get any picture through the Projector.
The New C Series uses an ATI Chipset that has an advanced feature that allows two monitors to be connected simultaneously. This has previously been controlled by the BIOS not the Video Chipset. To get the Projector to work you need to go into Display Properties and enable the second Monitor. To this you must specify a Monitor type, it is best to stick to a generic windows monitor, i.e. Standard SVGA. Once this is done you can use the Fn + F10 key to get the laptop to switch between the two displays.
For more detailed instructions.
1. How do I reinstall the Software on my machine
For detailed instructions you need to follow the Recovery Process