LifeBook E-Series Frequently Asked Questions

19. My LIFEBOOK comes with Shock Sensor and ECO button utilities, what are they for?
Please read this document for full information on both features.
18. Problem getting your own XP loads onto E8020 Notebooks.

The E8020 contains a new Intel chipset and a SATA Hard disk.
The problem is that the MS issued OS does not contain the right drivers for SATA AHCI. These must be downloaded from the support web
site and expanded onto a Floppy disk. A Floppy disk drive recognisable by Windows in textmode must be used to load thes drivers.

The YE-DATA CP078730-03 USB Floppy and TEAC FD-05PUB USB Floppy are supported by Windows XP

The (Sony Corporation)
- FPCFDD12 - CP 078720-01 - Code 1.21,- CP 078720-02 - Code 1.50, - CP 078720-03 - Code 1.60 does not work.
Please use FPCFDD16B - S26391-F264-L226

.The process to install the driver from the external floppy is the same as to install an SCSI driver.
(Press F6 install optional - SCSI driver)

17. When I connect headphones or external speakers to my E8020, I get no output.

The E8020 comes with a new Intel chipset and Realtek High Definition Audio. There is a new Icon in the control panel to control this new Audio functionality.

To activate:
Control Panel/ Realtek HD Sound Effect Manager
A screen with 4 Tabs, on second tab ( Audio I/O) drop down, you can select either Headphones or 2CH speakers.
There is a small icon of a spanner on the right .....ANALOG.............@, click this to open the toolbox. uncheck and recheck- the tick box for "Enable jack Detection". Apply and exit.
The Audio jack should now work.

16. How do I make my P4 CPU run at top speed under Windows XP.
The Intel SpeedStep driver is built into Windows* XP. Therefore, you do not need to load the driver. Unfortunately, with the driver built into the operating system, you do not have an icon in the system tray of the taskbar and you don't have an Intel SpeedStep technology tab when using the power applet located with the Control Panel.
15. There are 4 numbered buttons on my Exxxx Series LifeBook what are they for?
These buttons have two functions on this model.
  1. Security application
    • This enables you to Protect your system with a Pincode password. To use this feature you must first install the Security application software
  2. Quicktouch application
    • This enables you to open windows applications at the touch of a button. To use them you must first install the quicktouch software
14. I can not find the ON/OFF Switch on my LifeBook Exxxx LifeBook .
The LifeBook use the same button for turning the power on and off and for Suspend and Resume. To Suspend your machine, hold the button down for a short time. If your machine is "hung" (on without responding to any keystrokes or mouse actions) and you want to power the machine down, you must first suspend the machine by holding the button down for about 5-6 seconds, letting up briefly, and holding the button down again for and additional 5-6 seconds. If the machine is "hung" and you want to restart the computer, you may press the "reset" button located on the back left side of the laptop.
Note: The machine will automatically switch the power off if you use the Windows Shutdown properly. To properly shutdown Windows, go to Start/Shutdown/Shutdown the Computer.
13. I am reinstalling Windows 98 on my Exxxx LifeBook and I have a unknown device still listed?
On some of the newer LifeBook there is a ACPI device that is not automatically found. If you have installed all devices such as Modem, Lan, Audio and Video Controller then it is probably this device. The driver can be located on the Drivers and Utilities CD supplied with the Unit. In sub-folder called PMSET. The location of this folder can vary depending on the version of CD you are using.
12. How do I use my Infra-red Mouse option?
The method of Installation is the same for all versions of Windows. There are no additional drivers required for the Infrared mouse, the Infrared mouse uses the standard Windows mouse driver.
1) Insert two AAA Batteries (not supplied) into the mouse.
2) Enable Infrared mouse in BIOS
      Under Advanced
            Keyboard/Mouse Features
                  Infrared Mouse enabled
** To use the touchpad at the same time change Internal Pointing device to Always Enabled **
3) On the underside of the mouse there is a switch, set this to either L (Low power / Short range) or H (High Power / Long Range).
4) Start Windows.
11. When I connect my Exxxx Series Laptop to a Data Projector I can not get any picture through the Projector.
The New E Series uses a Video Chipset that has an advanced feature that allows two monitors to be connected simultaneously. This has previously been controlled by the BIOS not the Video Chipset. To get the Projector to work you need to go into Display Properties and enable the second Monitor. To this you must specify a Monitor type, it is best to stick to a generic windows monitor, i.e. Standard SVGA. Once this is done you can use the Fn + F10 key to get the laptop to switch between the two displays.

For more details Instructions
10. I am trying to view the "Windows 98 Overview" that is an option in "Welcome to Windows 98" but when I try it, the screen goes white and does not launch the tutorial. Is something wrong with the bundled software?

No, there is nothing wrong with the software. There is a file that must be renamed for that portion of the Windows 98 Overview tour to launch. Use the following steps to rename the necessary file:

  1. Click the Start Menu.
  2. Move the pointer to Programs.
  3. Locate and Click Windows Explorer.
  4. In the left Window, locate the Windows folder.
  5. Click the plus sign (+) to the left of the Windows folder.
  6. Locate the Options folder then Click the plus sign to the left of it.
  7. Locate the Cabs folder then Click the plus sign to the left of it.
  8. Locate the Tour folder then Click the plus sign to the left of it.
  9. Locate the Overview folder then Click the plus sign to the left of it.
  10. Locate the Intro folder then Right Click on it.
  11. Click on the Rename option.
  12. Type in ~Intro as the new name of the folder and press Enter.
  13. Close the Windows Explorer.
  14. Rerun the Windows 98 Overview Tour.
9. Every time I switch on my LifeBook Exxxx Series it is on the "Windows Has Now Shutdown Screen".
Your PC has hung during the shutdown process. Restart you LifeBook by pushing the reset switch.
8. I have Windows NT on My LifeBook Exxxx and my modem doesn't work.
Please check the following.
In the BIOS under the advanced Menu
Plug and Play OS is set to No
Under the Integrated Peripherals
Serial Port B (Infra Red Port) is Disabled

Boot into Windows NT.
In control Panel go into Modem and remove any Modems Listed,
In Control Panel go into Ports and remove any Ports listed
Restart Window NT
Using Explorer Go to C:\Fujitsu\Drivers\Modem and run the Setup.exe.
This will run the modem installation program.
Restart windows when prompted.
7. How do I install Windows NT on my E6xxx LifeBook
To install Windows NT please follow these Instructions
6. When using my E3xx series LifeBooks running Windows 98, PCMCIA or CardBus cards are not recognised after fsetup was run or after the system has been recovered and the Fujitsu add-ons have been re-installed. When a PCMCIA or CardBus card is inserted into any of the PCMCIA slots, the following message comes up on screen:
"Windows is not able to identify or use the inserted PC card device because there is no memory area available to communicate with the device (etc)....Check your computer's CONFIG.SYS(etc)...................."
Please follow these Instructions
5. When I run some applications my E360 or E380 series LifeBooks my system performs illegal operations in GDI.EXE..........
The latest Video driver Version 6.15.5426.95.26 resolves this and is available to download (Zip file, 366KB)
4. I try and connect my E360 or E380 Series LifeBook to external PCMCIA CD-ROM drives and it lock up during large data transfers to the hard disk. Once in that state, the only way to clear the error is by rebooting the system.
The problem seems to be generic to most available PCMCIA CD-ROM drives. There is no solution as such for this problem. We recommend the use of the internal CD-ROM or of a USB connected CD-ROM on Lifebook E360
3. I am trying to run an Recovery on my LifeBook E5320, E6520 or E6530 Series and my product code is not recognised?
You need to change the last 4 characters from E132 to E112
2. How do I install my LifeBook E6xxx onto a LanDock II or Full Dock
To install your E6xxx on to a LanDock II or FullDock II please follow these Instructions
1. How do I reinstall the Software on my machine?
To reinstall your software follow these Instructions